Nico Lud
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This pack contains many sounds & samples I used in my remix.

Listen to the finished track on Spotify and everywhere else ♥
-› fanlink.to/nicolud-findingshelter ‹-

Most of them are entirely self-made/recorded and the others are processed heavily. I took a lot of time to create those unique textures using my phone’s audio recorder app and interesting effect chains. The glockenspiel for example is made by slicing, warping, pitching and rearranging certain parts. For the pad sounds I simply put lots of reverb on stuff I recorded with my Pixel 3 (e.g. the orchestral tuning thing). To make them more universal, I provided 3 different versions/flavors of each pad sound. There are also some Nico Lud signature sounds in there like the Flute or the Guitar Chop (which I tend to use a lot in other production, haha). Because I used an incredibly big amount of wooden percussive sounds, I just selected a few of the best ones. I also recorded a lot of them myself. So I hope you enjoy my FINDING SHELTER PACK!

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  • Size
    469 MB
  • Content
    121 Samples
  • Format
    WAV, 48kHz, 24bit
  • 🛡️
  • Size469 MB
  • Content121 Samples
  • FormatWAV, 48kHz, 24bit
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