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Give your sounds a vintage feeling.


This knob lets you set the filter response to emulate record players from different decades. Inspired by one of my favorite plugins 'iZotope Vinyl', it has similar functionality to the 'decade' selector in the iZotope plugin, just with the possibility of stepless automation. I even tried to match some of my favorite settings:
▸ 2000 (set knob to 20)
▸ 1980 (set knob to 40)
▸ 1970 (set knob to 50)
▸ 1930 (set knob to 100)


Give your sounds the well-known character of tape. It uses Live’s Amp, Overdrive, Vinyl Distortion, Phaser, and EQ devices to achieve quite detailed and unique saturation effects.

Because it only uses stock devices it of course can’t compete with some fancy & expensive tape emulation plugin or even hardware. But it’s a good quick and free way of achieving a particular sound.

Because tape and distortion of all types react to volume differences, the 'COLOR Sound' knob allows you to get the intensity you want regardless of signal amplitude.


Analog tape is a physical medium, which is susceptible to all sorts of physical interference.

Known as 'WOW' is the sound of relatively slow fluctuations in pitch due to slightly varying playback speed.

'FLUTTER' is the sound of more subtle fluctuations in pitch, volume, and phase. CRACKLES also gives you the option to use these in extreme amounts to get a pretty wonky sound of very old and almost broken tape.


Achieve the effect of a vinyl record slowing down.

Simply use ramp automation to precisely control how fast the pitch drop happens.

Only in legacy version (v3.0):


Give your sounds a vintage feeling by adding subtle vinyl crackle and tape noise. Because this can really define a sound’s character, those knobs are made to be extremely flexible and dynamic.

As you turn up the 'VINYL Crackle' it becomes more dense and mechanical turntable spinning noise gets added.

With the 'TAPE Noise' knob you can sweep through lots of different hiss, hum, rumble and mechanical noises.

* Note that CRACKLES needs a bit of cpu power to create the completely random crackle and noises. To save unneeded cpu power, consider automating the knobs - when set to 0 it does not strain your cpu.

Bug / Feedback Report:

While I try my best to make everything as good as I can from the start, I’m always looking for improvement. So if you have some suggestions on how I could improve this rack, experience any sort of bug or just would like to say hi, feel free to contact me at hey@nicolud.com.
Thanks a lot for your help! 🤗

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